Unlucky Toller

Just our luck.  The Toller was entered in a USDAA trial this weekend.  I was going to do 1 run on Friday before going to work as in order to get jumpers Qs you actually have to be entered in the class!  And then skipping Saturday due to the weird schedule and doing 3 runs on Sunday to try and get another jumper Q, and maybe a magical elusive super Q in snooker.

Friday I get to the show, setup all my crap and walk the course. Vito is actually really happy when I get him out for the run bright and early and he does the warm up jump maybe 4 times without issue.  I take him off the side to keep up some light play with him and then suddenly I notice him holding up his back leg.  Damn it.  I look and his nail is just hanging off, lots of blood.

YOU DIDN'T EVEN RUN THE COURSE VITO!  How did that possibly happen?!

So of course I pick him up, cross his name off the gate sheet, and then take him back to the crate.  A vet happens to be next to me and nicely offers to pull off the rest of the nail as it's really not even on at all.

Vito got to spend the rest of the weekend like this.  At least a missing nail is nothing serious.

Actually I had really high hopes for going to the trial today.  All day Saturday his foot was looking fabulous and he would let me touch it without any pain response that I could tell.  Of course Vito is still very dramatic and took to not wanting to cuddle with me at all the entire weekend because I was the boot lady.

I even woke up bright and early today for the trial.  Tested him by playing some tug, no issues seen at all with moving around, and then sent him back to bed while I got ready.  Then as I called him out to walk out the door he holds up his foot as he comes off the bed.  Sigh.

Amy / Layla the Malamute  – ( February 7, 2016 at 10:31 PM )  

Ugh sorry!! Injury ruined our weekend too. Well, one handler error and one injury.

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