Dock Diving Adventures

I've always wanted to try out dock diving with the dogs.  Not really as a main sport to train for but just the occasional fun event.  There isn't really any place in the cities that have a dock or even just a pool to rent (surprisingly!) but there's a pretty cheap rental place less than 2hrs south.  I took the tollers along with 2 other people/dogs to see how they would do today.

I've long believed that Vito would absolutely be in love with the sport (water! toys!) but be horrendous at it.  I envisioned a screaming brick that would just plop right in, straight down.
But Vito surprised me!  Lots and lots of screaming the entire time we were there, even when crated.  But he jumped!  All cute and of course almost no distance this first time.  But he still shocked me at actually trying to jump out!

Zumi on the other hand I thought would be awesome.  Maybe a little apprehensive at first but she lives to jump!  So of course she was a big baby.  At first she jumped in the pool almost instantly from the side as she watched Vito and another dog splash around.  Then when it was her turn to use the dock she screamed and screamed but was certain that actually jumping would be suicidal.  So I took her to the side and did a few throws from just the ground.

And then the pressure was apparently to much as her next turn she was worse.  Wouldn't even jump in from the ground level unless she was at the shallow end and knew she could touch the ground as she basically fell straight in each time.  For her 3rd turn we re-built back up to basically where we started.  But certainly not even running + jumping from the side!

But Ducky was having fun.  She loves to swim and unlike Vito she actually is a really nice swimmer. I'm sure that with more exposure to a pool she will work up to doing the dock just fine.
I hope to go back again!

Danielle D  – ( February 21, 2016 at 6:32 AM )  

Yay!! Dock diving is a total blast, I love the insane energy. Vito looks great and Zumi will catch on in no time :)

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