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Well Vito's nail, or lack thereof, healed up enough to play UKI today!  So grateful since UKI is amazing with being able to do toy runs!

First run was speedstakes and even though it was the first run which I really like doing a toy run to start out the day, I was greedy and wanted a chance at qualifying so I can work on getting Vito out of the senior level.  The run felt slowish to me but looking at the Vito it actually looks really good!  Much running from the Toller! Unfortunately he pulled into me and sucked right off the middle jump of a serpentine.  Ah well, serves me right for being greedy.

But then Vito got to do 2 toy runs in a row to appease him.  And the Toller rejoiced!

All hail to UKI!  I really wish other organizations would follow suit!  And obedience too!
There was even *gasp* a bitch in heat running and wouldn't you know the trial somehow managed to not dive into utter chaos. Other organizations take note.

Vito's last run was toyless and he even managed to be happy AND qualify!  Hurrah!

Kristen  – ( February 16, 2016 at 12:56 AM )  

A good weekend and many reasons why UKI is so great!

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