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I owned ferrets for 15 years, ever since the 8th grade when I begged and begged my mom for ferrets.  In a moment of weakness my mom agreed to getting a ferret if I wrote a research paper on them.  Soon ferret math hit.  When I graduated from college the last of my original "business" was closing to passing on and I somehow managed to convince my husband to rescue some new ferrets.  Ferret math hit again.

The last of the gang passed away fall 2014.  Zoe, Molly, Bjorn, Bartleby, Loki, and Opie will be greatly missed.  They provided us with greater entertainment then you would ever think possible and taught many, many foster dogs to respect small and fearless animals.  Opie especially made it his mission in life to let any new dog know who really ran the show.

Like all ferrets, ours are party animals.  They steal everything they can, bounce into walls, wrestle constantly, climb into places they shouldn't and pretty much just get into trouble.  Of course that's only for a very few hours each day since all that trouble leads to tired ferrets.  Ferrets sleep about 16hrs a day.  Ours share a gigantic cage that pretty much takes up our entire den.  Of course they all pile into one hammock most of the time even though there are plenty of options.

Stuff to steal.  Tubes to run through.  Plastic bags, paper bags, crinkle sacks, anything that makes noises.  Furniture to climb on and jump from.  Rice boxes.  Life!!!

Pet Peeves:
Hmmm this is actually hard.  The ferrets just seem to love everything.  I suppose thier only pet peeve is having to wait to come out and play.  Oh and closed doors.

Favorite Tricks:
I have done a tiny bit in trying to teach the guys tricks.  Unfortunately the smart ones are all highly suspicious of any treats I have tried so far.  So that leaves me dumb and dumber to work with, aka Loki and Opie.  The boys managed to learn a decent rollover, although still with a lure and a beg (also with a lure).  sigh.

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