All About Vito

Name: Vito
Nicknames: V, Young Nasty Man
Registered Name: Vermilion's Versatile Vito
Breed: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Birthday: 10/31/08

Obedience: CGC

Arrival Story:
I spent a long time deciding what breed of dog I wanted next.  I settled on the toller after meeting several and hearing that they were like a border collie with an off switch :)  The plan was to get a puppy in the spring or summer of 2009 when Lance would be 2, but in the meantime I talked to a few breeders.  I made plans to visit with one breeder in the fall before even knowing that she just had a litter born.  So the time came and I went to visit the breeder and fully decided that she was the one to go with.  Of course one thing led to another and soon I was putting a deposit down on that litter intead of the expected litter that spring!  I went down to visit for temperament testing and she had already narrowed down my choice to two dogs that she felt were what I was looking for.  I decided to go with the crazy little spitfire :)  We took Vito home the day after Christmas and he couldn't have been a more perfect present!

Vito is still a crazy little spitfire.  I have put a lot of training into attention and impulse control so most people now don't even know how crazed this little guy is.  That is until a tennis ball is brought out or something else puts him over the edge.  We have done a lot of work but still have a long ways to go with Vito being able to remain calm and not shriek in intense moments.  Training wise, Vito is very eager to learn and loves shaping.  He is very quick and often goes to offering a thousand things at once if you miss your timing.  I often have to pause several times during a traning session just to gather my wits and stop his frantic behavior.  But Vito is actually a very sensitive dog and usually a firm "ah ah" is all that is needed to stop any naught behavior.  With new situations Vito is very confident with anything in his environment.  He has never had any qualms about moving objects, being up high, etc.  However, Vito does have major "stranger danger!"  We have done a lot of work on this but sometimes any little change can cause him to react to people.  Vito is always 100% fine as soon as the person gets close enough where he can smother them with kisses, but before that distance Vito does his danger bark.  So he is extremely confident with lots of things in the environment but vary wary of little changes with people.  I really think that if I hadn't worked so hard on this issue right away with him that he would be a reactive dog, with people and other dogs, since all the signs were point that way at 9wks of age.

Balls.  Tug toys.  Balls.  Anything that could possibly be thrown or tugged with.  Vito is a toy maniac and I love it!  Vito also loves his big corgi brother, especially when he gets to bite his butt during play.  The kitty and Vito are actually best friends and Vito just doesn't understand why Lance hates the cat so much!  And of course Vito loves cuddling.  He is an extreme cuddler and always wants to be touching someone.

Pet Peeves:
The ferrets.  Vito will occasionally play with them, but most of the time he stays away.  He doesn't like it when they steal his toys and stash them underneath the couch, and is afraid of Opie who tries to bite his feet.  Another pet peeve of Vito's is "strangers" scaring him like I posted above.

Favorite Tricks:
Vito's favorite trick, besides jumping on people!, is "are you sad?"  He also loves doing backward circles and will often do this when I don't want him to!  My favorite trick of Vito's is when he jumps into my arms.

Future Training Goals:
I dream big!  I would love for Vito to get his UDX in obedience and maybe even work towards an OTCH.  I am new to agility so don't have any title goals for that, but my dreams are also very high there :) 

In the future I might try flyball but right now I am afraid his brain would explode from it! 

Vito's Youtube Playlist:

Megan  – ( December 31, 2009 at 4:47 PM )  

Your puppy is adorable! I'm lucky enough to have played with quite a few Vermilion toller puppies, but not Vito's litter! What a beautiful little guy. I am so envious that you got a Rem x Vad puppy!

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