New Puppy!

I am getting a toller puppy in 5 days! This past Thursday I drove up to visit the puppies again and did temperament testing with them. There are five extremely cute little boys. I am getting "red" the little spit fire. He was the boldest of the group, not afraid of any of the "scary" toys. I took him out into the hallway to see how he responded to training (they haven't had any individual training yet) and he got extremely excited about the prospect of treats. Extremely jumpy and bitey but I could see his little brain thinking. I am very excited! Now I just need to think of a name, preferably one that starts with "v" since that is the theme for this litter.

In the meantime, I am puppy sitting Cosmo, a corgi that we know from corgi gettogethers at dog parks this past summer. He's just 2 months younger than Lance, and they absolutely love each other! They are wrestling with each other almost constantly and then pass out. It's also good for Luke (the cat) as he generally likes to stalk Lance and pounce on his butt, claws out, and then runs away. Now Luke is trying this with Cosmo, but Cosmo thinks it is great fun and chases him back. Cosmo will leave us on the 25th, and then puppy comes the 26th, so no break for little Lance!
Generally, the roles are reversed!

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