Won Over!

He's done it! Vito has finally won Lance over. It started out small, "ok, you can sit this close to me- as long as you don't look at me!" Then a few seconds in the backyard of chase, and now full blown play! Last night they played forever after Lance came home from work with me. Vito looked like he was on crack as he somersaulted, vaulted off of Lance, and repeatedly stuck his head in Lance's mouth! Now, they won't stop playing! Unfortunatly for us, it does mean that Vito has to go outside even more frequently because of all the running. But on an even better note, he's actually starting to whine a tiny bit by the baby gate when he has to go potty, yay!

Oh, and he's also finding the ferrets a blast to play with, but no no to pulling on their tails.

Vito has also come to Petsmart with me a little bit as he waits for Dad to get off work. He is following me really well on leash and just having great attention. He apparently loves everyone he sees, especially little kids, and only peed once in the store! He really is doing amazing with his training.

I however, apparently need some work on my training. I was all bummed out about having to go into work tonight since I am so tired, but drove all the way over anyway. Only to find out once I got there that the store closes in 2 hours due to New Years Eve and I don't have to be there after all! So yay for not having to work, but a smack on the forehead for being so stupid.

And of course, all this play leads to one pooped puppy! Happy New Years!

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