All About Luke

Name: Luke
Nicknames: Ki Ki, Kitty
Breed: um, cat
Birthday: est. Sept 07

Secretly ruling the house.

Arrival Story:
We had been debating about getting a cat for awhile, especially when I fell in love with a kitten being fostered at my old job.  But ultimately we decide against it and decided to get another ferret instead.  Well the one ferret ended up being two and then shortly after that Adam came home one day with a kitten.  Someone had dropped off a box full of kittens outside of PetSmart in the wee hours of the morning and Adam decided to bring one home before the others went to a rescue group.  He presented a cute little girl that I decided to name Layla.  Well it wasn't long before I took a look and found out that my Layla was a boy.  Layla became known as Luke or more often we just refer to him as Ki Ki or Kitty, and I was heavily outnumbered in the gender department.

Naughty.  Luke is a very feisty kitty who absolutely loves wrestling with the ferrets and Vito and loves to torture Lance.  Kitty's favorite activity is stalking Lance and then pouncing on him, claws out, whenever Lance is curled up sleeping.  Lance is terrified and Kitty wins.  He almost always looks evil, except when he's hungry and then he just looks pathetic.  Our Ki Ki is also a big cuddler and loves to sleep next to us on the couch or between our feet on the bed.  

Plotting his evil ways.  Sitting in the bathroom, either staring at the vent or sitting in the bathtub.

Pet Peeves:
That he doesn't get free fed and has to wait for his lazy humans to feed him.  Closed doors, especially the entry way, followed by the basement.

Favorite Tricks:
Luke has to be on his chair and sitting in order to be fed.  We have also briefly dabbled in teaching him a beg, high five, and spin but progress is slow since Kitty thinks no cat should have to work for food.

His "feed me I'm so hungry I can't even move" pose

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage  – ( January 29, 2010 at 7:30 PM )  

Hi There!

I'm visiting as part of my Mango Minster 2010 Judging fur the KhatDog group!

It is nice to meet woo and get to snoof woo!

Best of lukhk!


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