He's a screamer!

Wow does this little guy have lungs! Vito apparently did not read the rules that says the average pup cries for about 20 minutes before settling down. No, this little guy cried for 2 hours before we finally gave in to our ignoring rule and went to his kennel. And this wasn't just crying, this screeching surpassed that of a jet engine. I first tried to give him treats for being quiet, but Vito refused to take any. I finally gave in and scooped him up where I could feel his little body shaking and panting. After a few minutes, back in he goes and I try shoveling food into his mouth for 1/2 second of quiet. Adam ended up waiting next to his crate with his fingers though the bars until he fell asleep and was good for the rest of the night.

Other than crate issues, Vito is doing great! I'm hand feeding him and making him work for each piece of kibble. He's quickly learning his name, hand signals for sit, down, come, spin, and turn. And also doing some puppy zen- no staring at the treat does not make it come to your mouth! Today I took him to PetSmart to show him off to my coworkers and did some training with him in the new environment. As much as he loves to chew on everything, Vito didn't nibble on his leash once! Of course everyone wanted to greet him, and he confidently walked up to everyone. At home, Vito is a little monkey. He apparently feels that the top of our head is a great place to explore!

Well, I'm just crossing my finger that tonight is a quiet night!

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