Vito's 1st Day

Poor Lance, there is no break for him. Cosmo has left us, and our new puppy, Vito, is finally here. Lance seemed to want to play with Vito at first, but now I can look over and see Lance looking at me mournfully and sighing loudly. The pup wants to chew on EVERYTHING, even metal, but especially cords. Whenever we tell the the pup "ah" and redirect, Lance has the special urge to exhale and give me another look.

Vito also met the ferrets, but doesn't quite know what to think of them yet. When Lance was a puppy, I remember him crawling into my lap trying to hide from the strange little creatures. But Vito isn't afraid at all, he just doesn't know what to do. Zoe seems especially enamored with him, following him around quite a bit. She also bit him- twice. Once on the foot, and once on the lip; Vito squealed each time.

Our cat, Luke, was really put off by him at first. Luke's tail was huge when Vito first walked in, which was weird since he didn't do that at all with Cosmo. But now Luke finds it grand to sit right next to Vito as I am training him. Luke hopes that a stray kibble might just find its way into his mouth!

Overall, I LOVE Vito! He loves to tug, eat, chew, cuddle, pee, and sleep. Yup, he's a puppy! Except for having to take him outside every hour, listening to him cry in his crate (only 15 minutes, not bad!), and having him chew every wire in our house, life with Vito for the first 9 hours is perfect!

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