A big boy collar!

Wow, 3 posts in one day! You guys are so lucky :) I just wanted to share some pictures I took today of the dogs. Vito's new collar came in the mail today and he looks so handsome! Up until today he has been wearing the same collar he had on at 8weeks of age that the breeder had him in. Isn't that sad! My little midget toller! In his defense it started out as small as it could be and by the end it is (almost) as big as it can be. But I was waiting to order him a new collar until I knew what size he would need fully grown. It turns out he just needs a small, same as Lance :( But at least now his collar is 1in wide unstead of 1/4in wide, ah all grown up!

But now the dogs have matching Hawaiian collars, Vito has red and Lance has blue! Collars are from Carols Charming Puppy Palace and are incredibly cheap and cute :) It just makes me want a girl dog so I wouldn't have to look for the more "masculine" collars. Anyway, I tried to take some pictures of the dog's today in their new collars. Unforunately you can't see even see the collars with all of their fur!

But I did manage to get this one :)
Oh Lance!
And just for fun, here's the kitty!
Ok, I just wanted to show everyone how much fur I've gotten off of Luke in two days. When petting him it doesn't really seem like he's shedding, but the furminator is getting fistfulls of fur off of our 9lb cat!

Honey the Great Dane  – ( June 26, 2009 at 6:06 AM )  

can't see the collars but the boys are very handsome! Love the 3rd picture where Lance looks like he is giving a cheesy grin! :-)

Funny - I always have the opposite problem from you of having trouble looking for "girlie" things for my big girl...they just don't make girlie things for big dogs!!


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