A new toy!

Vito has suddenly discovered the ferrets. We have had Vito for 5 months now and overall he has completely ignored the ferrets. If you had asked Vito he would have denied their existence. The most he has ever done to acknowledge their presence is to jump on the couch when he sees Opie coming. Opie is notorious for picking on Vito, following him around and biting his feet. But in general the ferrets and Vito have lived in two separate worlds....until today.

After coming home from work with me this evening, Vito was in a very playful mood. He played with Lance for a little bit but Lance really didn't want to play a whole lot so Vito moved on to his toys. Zoe walked by, and it was like a ray of light shown down as Vito stared at her intently. Suddenly he pounced and batted her with his paws! He even did some little playbows and zig zagged away, encouraging her to chase him around the living room. I think Zoe was stunned by Vito's new behavior as she didn't really play back, but just stood and let him bat her around. To make things even more shocking, a few minutes later he tried to play with Opie! Luckily for him, Opie was acting tired and ignored him.
We will see if he still loves his newly found toy tomorrow!

Esther  – ( June 2, 2009 at 10:59 PM )  

LOL @ Vito! Be sure to take some videos :)

ClassyChassy  – ( June 3, 2009 at 4:06 PM )  

Cute little guys! Amazing that your dogs do not snack on them!

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