Separation Anxiety Treatment Log Wk7

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Day 43: Started with the big bully for 60sec, 180. Big bully2 for 30sec. Big bully for 11.25min-N (ate for 8min), 20sec, 60, 30, 10min-N (ate for 1.5min, resumed eating at 5min for 45sec).

Good and bad. The bad is that the longest he remained actually eating was 8min. Unfortunately when I came back in on that 11.25min trial it looked like he had just finished chewing so I wasn't aware that he hadn't been for the last 3minutes. This led me to do another long trial which he obviously didn't do. The good is that I was able to do a 3min departure on only the second leave. I am also happy that although he wasn't eating his bones and was doing a little panting (I think do the the heat), he remained calm for a very long time. Especially on the last trial he was basically lying down for 9minutes without doing anything! I am also happy that he resumed eating on that trial, if only for a little bit.

Day 44: Started with big bully for 90sec, 30, bigbully2 for 150, big bully for 5.5min, bigbully2 for 90, stuffed ear for 30, big bully2 for 20, 7.5min, 45, 12min.

Yay! Longest trial was 12min and he chewed bones the entire time :)

Day 45: 30sec, 105, 20, 180, 30, 5min-N (ate for only 2min), 20, 30-N, 60, 7.5min-N (ate for 2min). I then put Lance inside with Vito and gave both a bully stick for 11.25min (wasn't eating at beginning, then started to eat), 3.75min-N (didn't eat at all).

He wasn't interested in his bones much at all. I thought would try and see how well he would do with Lance in the room. In the past it hasn't made a difference, but we haven't done it in several months since Vito was a baby. I was impressed that he started eating and ate for a long time on the first trial with Lance, but on the second one he didn't eat at all and his body language was about the same as being alone. I wouldn't quite classify his body language as bad, he's lying down, but he is a little anxious at times with doing some panting. Longest trial was 11.25min but longest time eating was 2.5min.

Day 46: 90, 180, 30, 30, 60, 6.5min (chewed up till the last 10sec), 30-N, 60-N. Got out tricky treat ball for 75sec, 9min (played for 7.5min)

Ok I guess. Once again if he's done eating before I come back he won't touch a bone for the rest of the session. Longest trial was 9min with tricky treat but he wasn't eating for all of it.

Day 47: 60sec, 150, 30, 5min, 20, 150-N, 10, 50-N (kitty knocked over baby gate at 45sec), 10-N, 10min-N.

Again not really into his bones. The dumb cat knocked over the baby gate and startled him, but he already had a no before that trial. I still did a 10min trial just to see how he would do and he remained on his bed the entire time.

Day 48: 40sec-N (bully). Switched to stuffed pigs ear for remainder of time 20sec, 60, 10, 195, 30, 5.5min, 30, 10, 15min.

Yay!!! We did a 15min trial where he ate his bone the entire time!

Day 49: 105sec, 20, 5.5min, 30, 10, 15min-N (ate for 7.75min), 10-N, 30-N, 30-N, 10-N, 60-N.

Not into his bones. Longest trial was 15min but he only ate for 7.75min.

Week 7 Summary: Well I was able to do a 15min trial with Vito eating a bone the entire time!!! But overall the week kinda sucked. He wasn't wanting is bones at all and with the weather being hot it is hard to tell if Vito's panting is due to the heat or anxiety (we have air so it's not that hot inside). I still did at least a 10min trial everyday even if I knew he wasn't going to be eating. But on the positive side we still jumped from 10 to 15minutes departures which isn't too bad in a week.

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