Joining the Choir

Today Vito sang for his very first time! In daycare today 2 of his girl friends where barking at each other and when I went over to "yell" at them they suddenly burst into song. Quickly some of the other singers joined in and Vito just stared at the them intently. Usually the dogs only sing on Wednesdays when 2 mastiffs and their lab neighbor start up the group a couple times each morning. Vito has heard them sing before, but the main group was always on the other side of the fence. Today Vito was up close and could really observe :)

At first he just stared, but then he started moving his mouth but no sound came out. Soon Vito started barking, and at the end of a few barks a tiny little howl came out! I was so proud as I watched his head swing back and listened to his cute little puppy song.

Of course I soon had to thank all the choir members for participating and tell them that practice was over for the day.

I am very happy to finally have a singing dog. I love dogs who talk, and grumble a lot. I know it can be naughty, but I love it! Lance of course just ignores the commotion and waits until the rowdy kids quiet down so he can sleep in peace.

Oh, and I am happy to report that Vito's sudden love of the ferrets was not a fluke. While he is not playing with them a ton, he still shows a very marked interest in these cool little critters that are running around his house. He especially loves when they first wake up and get to come out of their cage to play!

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