Bear Cub's CGC

Bubba managed to squeak by and pass the CGC test last week!  It was not the prettiest demonstration, but going into the test I imagined us having a only 30% chance of actually passing.  We started with the walking items as I knew those would be the hardest for the bear cub.  For 5ft we had lovely eye contact and then he started to sniff, sniff, sniff but with my pathetic pleadings he managed to keep the leash loose and had a very generous gift of  a pass :)  Walking through a crowd and up to another dog he actually gave me great eye contact again for the short 15sec they required!  Bubba managed to not bite the brush until after the exam was finished and decided to hold his stays for the other items.  Yay!

Bubba is also discovering more of his Schipperke-ness.  A few weeks ago he realized he should be alert woofing at suspicious things.  We are doing our best to explain to him that he should act more lab like.

Erin and Co.  – ( July 1, 2012 at 10:56 PM )  

I love having a collie PIT This time, but I do miss the quietness of my lab pups! *sigh*

Denise  –   – ( July 12, 2012 at 6:35 PM )  

Stumbled on your videos of Bubba on youtube and from there your blog. Have had schips for over 30 years. Currently being trained by Tillie (almost three years old). My last schip was raised by a lab - always thought she was a lab in a schipperke body. Hope Bubba doesn't discover too much of his schipperke-ness and channels more labness! Good luck with your training with all your dogs!

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