Bubba Video and Robot Love

The not-so-much-anymore bear cub is almost 6 months.  I always love how the magic of video can make it look like I actually train the dogs.

Bubba has also started some whining recently when left.  Since he is becoming a big boy I haven't always locked him in the crate under my desk when I leave my cubicle.  Bubba was always quiet in the crate but is not so much when left free.  Even if he can see me on the other side he likes to voice his opinion of being seperated.  So has begun operation Shut-up The Bear.  This has involved being shuttled to a few different cubicles during the day to get different experiences.  Bubba has not been happy about this.  It has also meant days where he is kept in the kennel area, with a fellow doggy roommate, far away from the office.  Again, Bubba has not been happy.  And finally it has also meant his introduction to the Robot.
I haven't used the manners minder in a long time but it was perfect for being able to give Bubba treats when I was out of sight.  I actually put it up on my desk and removed the tray so that kibble rained to the floor at random times.  Bubba quickly learned to look up and pray to the robot.

If only Vito's issues were this simple!

Mango  – ( July 14, 2012 at 5:52 PM )  

That Bubba. Still looks like a bear. I love the way he fits under the chair. That will be such an important skill when he goes to work.

Mango Momma

Kathy  – ( July 24, 2012 at 10:40 AM )  

Omg, he is the cutest dog ever. You guys look AMAZING, I'm hanging my head in same over not training anything the last few months!!! I'm inspired I want to teach dragging the bag and opening the doors. Love how he plays with the cat, you can tell he knows not to push that too far, :-). He is just adorable. Isn't the manners minder a MIRACLE, my dogs think that is something else!

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