Semi Retired

If you had talked to me this last Saturday about Vito I would have announced his retirement from disc doggin.  His almost disastrous incident the week before really made me question whether I was seeing any light at the end of our jump grid tunnel or was just delaying the inevitable decision with it.

Then close to midnight on Saturday I let Ron Watson of Pawsitive Vybe talk me into continued experimentation.  Although I have to admit it wasn't too hard hard to get me back since Vito is so much in love with the sport.  I agreed to be a guinea pig in fixing the problem of too fast pursues + no collection = dangerous.  Vito's not the only dog out there with this issue, although I would argue that he adds a whole new level of flair to the problem with his mid air contortions.

Sunday morning we headed out to our canceled and then rescheduled lesson while PVybe was in Minnesota.  We did lots of takes, with and without our friend PVC, and zero actual throws.  Creativity abounded, not by me, and at least there was no cringing heard from the audience.

So this summer will continue to be one of disc work.  Vito will be in a stage of semi retirement; one where he gets to play with discs but will be extremely limited in what he gets to do.

andrea  – ( July 4, 2012 at 7:21 AM )  

Glad you've worked out a solution you are comfortable with that lets you both keep having fun!

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