Review- Fresh Dog Shampoo Powder

Since giving a bath actually requires work, the dogs pretty much only get a bath when they're so disgusting I can't stand it.  The toller has a lovely quick drying coat that seems to repel dirt so he is spared many baths.  The corgi's belly seems to collect dirt from wherever he goes, but I try to ignore this fact.  There is even a movement to the horrors of bathtime on facebook

But the bear cub is just ridiculous at how dirty he can get from one outing of being in the gravel yard at work.  Dusty, dusty, dusty, mixed with dog slobber from having his whole head swallowed by his larger labby friends.  Poor Bubba.

So I took the opportunity to review a free bottle of Fresh Dog Dry Shampoo Powder.  I was hoping that I could use it on the service dogs at work as it's extremely difficult to keep them looking clean and smelling nice because of that gravel yard.  And unfortunately for those dogs, they can't be spared bath time since they actually need to look presentable when going out in public!

The verdict:  The shampoo powder actually has a nice smell that is a little overpowering at first, but the smell actually goes away rather quickly.  I personally found that as a plus as I would be unnerved if my dogs actually walked around smelling like lavender!  It also nicely turned the dusty grey dogs back into black labradors.  Sadly, it isn't a miracle powder and can't remove the gobs of dried slobber and who knows what else the Bubba collects out there.  It would be interesting to see if their waterless bath foam could help save him from the tub!  But for a quick freshening up it's a very easy treatment that takes about 10seconds to grab the bottle and pat the dog down.

Another plus for the powder is that it can also be used as a deodorizer for carpets or bedding.  I used it a little bit this last weekend since we had to quickly clean the house in preparation for resigning our lease for another year.  I guess it worked since the landlord didn't even notice the ferrets until as he was leaving!

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