The Toller did one round of APDT rally this Saturday, level 3.  Warming up he was super excited and even did a tiny toller scream as I told him we were going to go into the ring to play!  But upon entering the gates his demeanor shifted and he started staring at the signs, eventually settling into somewhat of a heel position at the start but fixating at a piece of fuzz on the floor :(  Sure enough, as we started he went immediately for the fuzz.  But after a quick sniff he rejoined me, looked at my hands for food, and was content to be with me as I moved my hand back up to my position. 

I am happy to report that after the initial 3 seconds he really pulled it back together and I felt like I had a happy worker!  It wasn't the best performance in terms of sloppy fronts, bumps, 2 repeated cues to stand and then to heel, and a messed up bonus on my part.  But it was by far our best experience in the obedience/rally ring since his anxiety issues started!  It's a good thing I am working the trial on Sunday so I'm not tempted to push it and enter him again :) 


The corgi was entered in both rounds of CDSP Utility B on Saturday.  For non CDSP people, the "B" class is done after one gets the UD and is basically like AKC's versatility class in that it pulls a mixture of exercises from novice, open, and utility along with a bonus baseball glove exercise.  We had order #2 both days which included the drop on recall, off leash fig 8, novice moving stand, gloves x2, and retrieve over the high jump.

Lance was a total ham as usual.  If we could get crowd points he would be a major contender in any venue!  Round #1 we NQed as Lance decided to stop on the drop on recall but didn't down until I gave him a 2nd command.  But I was shocked to hear our name being called for awards as apparently the judge didn't hear the 2nd command!  I told her what he did but since she didn't hear it it doesn't change the judge's paperwork!  A nice gift I suppose!

In round #2 we NQed as Lance retrieved the wrong glove on the 2nd glove exercise but I thought he performed much nicer than the first round!
Round #1:

Issues that cropped up today, mostly including the gloves, include:
- On the pivots for the gloves, looking away from me as soon as we stop pivoting instead of maintaining eye contact until given his mark.  The reason for our NQ in round #2!
- Not dropping the glove when I take it!  Did it on the first glove in trial #1 and the second glove in trial number 2! 
- ticked the jump in both trials
- Not dropping on the first drop on recall.  And the second drop on recall he arched to his right.  If there was a jump on that side I'm pretty sure he would have taken it!
 - crooked fronts in round #1.  better in #2.

Oh corgi!   You do make it impossible for me to be anything but happy when I walk out of that ring with you!

Kathy  – ( July 30, 2012 at 3:02 PM )  

Wow, Vito really did just snap back and get into his turn , he looks great! I just love Lance, you guys are all awesome!

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