Gracie 14wks

Lessons this past week:

1. Retrieves- Picks up object nicely, now working on me moving backwards and her bringing it to my hand. 

2. Light switches- Her first few lessons in using her nose to flip a switch held at nose level.  A tube is attached to make the switch bigger.  I think she now understands her job is not to bite it.

3. Position work- Needs a perch for learning the verbal cues only.  Without a perch she offers pivoting to heel and side position and with a side step she knows which side I want her to be on.  She's also done some backing up in heel/side this week and a tiny bit of side stepping.

4. Mat work- Still working on her remembering the down needs to happen on the mat.  Currently she's backfeet targeting the mat and I want her front feet on it.

5. 2o2o- Is just starting to back up to get into a 2o2o position on a box.  Not fully consistent with it yet.

6. Stand- I've decided to use the hand touch method for a jumping stand with her.  I've used it on adult dogs at work but haven't used it yet to teach one of my puppies.  Will be interesting.

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