Puppy Swap

This past week Gracie left me to visit her brother's foster house.  In exchange, I took brother Rooney for boot camp.  Rooney apparently needed work on not eating people, household manners, and being brave around other dogs during playtime.  My 2 said whatever about the whole thing.  Was there even a trade?  Lance just wondered why he suddenly had less room under the desk.  Rooney was a whole 8lbs bigger than our own Teacup Labrador.

Rooney, not Gracie.

It was interesting to compare the two siblings.  After getting some ground rules in place, Rooney turned out to be much calmer than Gracie.  He actually reminded me a lot of Chuckles with his goofy personality.  Both are pretty confident puppies, but whereas Gracie has never shyed away from anything, Rooney takes a short time to be sure.  He was a quick study though and I had fun catching him up, almost, to Gracie in training.   Puppies are so easy :)

In exchange, Gracie spent the week being an only dog and learning to ride the bus to work.  She also had a quick study in lying under a desk all day and going to meetings.   Rooney's puppyraiser noted that she had much more of an opinion about the boring work days than Mr. Rooney.

Sibling reunion!   Blurry picture #1

Blurry picture #2.  After I took charge and decided puppies were doing downs.  Here you can see the size difference a tiny bit better.

Rooney, I hope you're behaving yourself for your family now! 

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