Lance NADAC trial

The corgi had his first agility trial since October.  That's almost half a year!  I didn't realize the implications when I entered weavers as his very first run.

I yayed as he got the 1st entrance, but then we had a mini face off as he popped out at the 10th pole and ran to just inches away from the next obstacle.  I won, but not before he entered wrongly and we had to try the first set of weave poles for a 3rd time.  The rest of the course and their weave poles went well and we managed to qualify by half a second.

In Regular I was proud of him for stopping on both dogwalk and aframe, and for doing it in the yellow vs just above it.  Lance's doing great with it during open ring time, but in a class environment he's still not 100% with the aframe on exactly where he should stop.  We Q'd although there was an awfully close off course thanks to the damn barrel.

Chances and Jumpers were both NQs due to off courses.  Lance nailed the layered weave poles distance challenge in chances but failed an easy switch cue to take a bonus jump first.  In his defense I was a tad late with my cue, but not so late that he couldn't fix it!  Jumpers he apparently decided he wanted more distance between us.  He also started to stutter on his jumps on the ending speed loop.  Lance really looked very nice on his jumping in the other runs Saturday; some early take offs but none of that stuttering until the jumpers round.

Lance had 4 more runs.  Both Touch n Go and Regular were very smooth and I was happy to see Lance again confidently stopped 4on with all 3 aframes and 2 dogwalks.

Chances was beautifully executed but he knocked a bar.  We just can't seem to qualify in this class even if we actually get the distance portion.

Jumpers wasn't quite as stuttery as yesterday's run and we qualified.
Lance earned 5 titles this weekend with one of them being his open versatility title!  Not entering anything with contacts off and on for 3 years kind've makes it hard to get there :)

I already have a chiropractic appointment set up for him in 2 weeks and I'm thinking he really needs it.  He just felt a little off this weekend with his speed and of course I noted the same thing at the
obedience trial last weekend.

Muttsandaklutz  – ( March 23, 2013 at 7:45 PM )  

5 titles!? Wow!

Good to see him in those videos. You make a great team.

Kim  – ( March 26, 2013 at 11:11 AM )  

Wow on the # of titles in one weekend! Way to go Lance!

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