Lance obedience trial

Another obedience trial for the corgi this weekend.  Short summary: 2 NQs in open due to lying down on the out of sight sit, and 2 Q's in utility.

Open Runs:
Heeling was off both days.  Not giving me his constant eye contact so was actually lagging at times, very odd for him.  Was good by figure 8 on both days.
Fronts were horrible on Saturday, I think we got docked on every single one.  Finishes weren't great either.
On Sunday he pulled it together and while he was still off in the heeling pattern, he had spot on fronts and almost all great finishes!  Actually Lance had a 197 going into the group stays on Sunday.  In this area that means tied for 8th place, but it still would have been nice.

Of course both days he went down on his sit.  Saturday he lasted 45 seconds, and on Sunday he went 1min 45sec.  I'm really desperate for advice on fixing this issue that only appears during trials and fun matches.  Honestly, this issue does not happen in class or on sit stays anywhere else.  I can replicate stress though by putting food behind him on the stays or by having him do a sit at a distance while at home and then continue to ignore him.

Utility Runs:
Heeling was again off both days.  Not bad, just again not giving me his eye contact and thus was a bit close to lagging at times, especially on the fast which he usually loves.
On Saturday he had issues with the first article.  Sniffed it, then moved onto search the rest of the pile, repeat like 3 times.  No issues with article #2 or with either article on Sunday.  Actually on Sunday we had the same judge as the Herding Club trial in January where Lance didn't like how close he stood the pile and how  he immediately starts moving forward the second the dog has the correct article.
Go outs were really nice and straight on all 4 sends although he did his tiny "S"thing on Satuurday.
Our glove pivots sucked both days.  Lance is just locking onto the glove as soon as he thinks he knows where he is going and thus not focusing on his heel position.  On Sunday I think this was made worse since he yawned right as I started the pivot.  Of course in practice he's a pro at keeping eye contact with me until I bring my hand down for the mark, and I often pivot multiple times before sending him.

Sigh.  At least utility continues to be going well with 5/5 for the year. I think I'm going to schedule another chiropractic appointment.  It won't explain the stays as he's had that issue ongoing, but he is due for an adjustment and perhaps it is a tiny explanation of the heeling.

Lynnda L in Mpls  – ( March 13, 2013 at 10:16 AM )  

I also had a problem with doing down on the Open Sit-Stay when I was getting an AKC CDX on a friend's Golden. Sort of like, I know the down-Stay is next so I might as well get comfortable. [I can't remember what helped.] Have you talked to Kory K? [Yes, she used to do obedience....]

Laura, Lance, and Vito  – ( March 14, 2013 at 1:12 PM )  

If you think of what helped the golden's problem please let me know! I'm trying to ask everyone :)

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