Catching up, Drug update.

The corgi is confused.  He's not just shedding out a little chihuahua but a sheltie.  Tufting like crazy.

Barely getting started in this photo.

Vito is doing OK with the Fluoxetine weaning process and we're now down to only 20mg, half his dose.  Another month left before he's done and we are on to plan B, or make that plan G?  Still thinks the car is going to kill him in the morning but it's usually safe by evening.  A think a side effect of the lowering is an increase in the naughty, crazy toller I love.  He was so excited to play agility in class last week that his screaming made me momentary forget the course!  And the best part is that he was just as excited about getting to go in the obedience ring on a later day!

But Vito definitely needs his drugs.  Somehow his morning arrangement was skipped one day and wow it made a huge difference.  The morning car ride was panic ridden of course but I didn't think much of it.  But Vito just couldn't calm down once we arrived at work.  The poor guy was trembling and panting when I left to go work the other dogs.  I eventually put him with a favorite coworker and he was able to calm down enough to at least function.  Afternoon drugs helped eventually too.  I hate this fight between relaxation and drive.
The dork does this almost every night when he wants to go to bed.

And Gracie.  She's alternating between finding her mature and responsible self to being a crazy nut.  13 months old now.  I've briefly started some diabetic alert training with her as I can definitely see that as a possibility with her.  So far she loves it.  But we're only on the first step of attacking me while looking for where I hid the scented toy on my body.
Like all the other puppies I've raised for the program, Gracie is a little stalker.  It's impossible to anywhere without a labrador following you.
After being constantly yelled at for not being allowed to shove her head in the shower with you, this is the sight that always greets me when I'm done.

And *knock on wood* the cat might be slightly less angry with a switch to a new food!  We had been feeding him Grandma Lucy's freezed dried food but he was never a fan. He would never actually go on a hunger strike but he certainly wasn't happy with it.  Too bad for him as I'm not about to waste an entire big bag.  Finally finished the bag after almost 3 months of the cat taking it out on us by ripping into every bag he can get his paws on.  Nothing was safe.  He's been eating The Honest Kitchen for a few meals and I'm daring to say he's more content.  We will see.
Obnoxious cat.

K-Koira  – ( January 18, 2014 at 6:49 PM )  

I know you've already tried about a million things to help with the anxiety. If you haven't tried it, I would recommend talking to the vet about adding in l-theanine daily. I know his anxiety is worse than Koira's in the car, but Koira's anxiety has dropped down so much after a few months of l-theanine added to her food daily that she is no longer afraid of Fridays. She happily plays and eats and everything on Friday now, even if the garbage trucks are running at the time. So much of a difference from the dog who was afraid of Fridays whether or not the garbage trucks ran that day, simply because she knew Friday was garbage day. If you haven't tried it, it might be worth looking into.

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