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It's a bit chilly outside.  -19*F outside right now.  Windchill of -40*.  I hate this state.

I got the dogs a treadmill off of craigslist.  Because -18*F.  Oh and I have a goal of using it too.  

Vito is learning how to use it and seems to enjoy it.  We're going slow still and he's learning how to properly hop on and that falling off is no big deal at all.  I'm currently keeping some food in a little dish in front so that he keeps his focus forward versus looking up and sideways at me.

Lance thinks the food is great but he's not so sure about hopping on.  Because of his little legs he has to give a pretty big jump onto it.  This is frustrating for the corgi as he wants to just put his front feet up first and then jump and that doesn't work so well.  It also bothers Lance more than Vito when he slides off the back.  So we're going very slow.

Gracie thinks it's super fun to jump around everywhere like it's a trampoline.

Dexter  – ( January 7, 2014 at 4:55 AM )  

Wish I had a spot for a treadmill. It would come in handy for both me and Dexter on bad weather days.

Mango Momma

gym equipment repair  – ( March 22, 2014 at 7:31 AM )  
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