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I don't have a dumbbell obsession.  I am a wannabe collar collector, have the normal crazy amount of dog crates, and ok I do have an entire dog closet now in the new house.  But a dumbbell collection was not what I set out for.  The pretty colored ones cost way more than my budget!

But Vito has a severe overbite, practically no teeth on his entire left side of his mouth, and a few missing on the other side.  The search for the perfect fit, one where the dumbbell didn't awkwardly tilt to the ground took awhile.  It's been postponed several times over the years since Vito's been semi retired from obedience and all.  Typically I just show up at the CDSP trials with his *ahem* well-loved cheapy one that we sometimes play tug with.  But even that one can still slide down as he holds it.

Lance has a Max 200 dumbbell that I love so I've done most of our hunting from them.  I also had one brief adventure into J&J.    Most dumbbells I returned.  One I kept in shame of my failed attempt.  It's currently on loan to another dumbbell seeker.

This J&J is really only a 2.5in bit, I swear!

Oh no.

But I think I finally got the perfect fit for Vito.  High profile, high angle, textured bar, from Max 200.


Riley and Stella  – ( January 10, 2014 at 1:37 AM )  

It's amazing how that dog stuff keeps multiplying :). My husband feels the need to tell me how many crates we own whenever he goes into our crawl space. I'm not sure he is going to agree with me when I tell him I want a new car crate that is super expensive but the exact right size :).

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