UDX leg #9!

Did another 1 day of an obedience trial.

Utility B
Happy, but way less squirrley corgi showed up!   No punching, tossing of items, and no bonus jumps :)   Go outs were 2nd and had his only big mistakes.  First go out was nice and straight but he barked when I sent him to the jump.  Second go out had no barking, but he didn't sit.  Glove #3 was a nice turn but he auto marked the glove instead of waiting for my signal.  Heeling was gorgeous until the last tiny little bit where he decided to forge.  Articles were both nice but the judge disagreed and scored the tiniest of archs on the sends.  But we Q!

Open B
Good corgi!  No major issues.  Lovely heeling, zero forging!  Also I think this was his first run he had zero points taken off on the broad jump!  Lance actually nailed the front!

The long sit I was worried as Lance kept going down even in practice this week :(   Only does so in a line up of other dogs.  But he held it today!  Apparently sniffed so much that the judge took off a 1/2pt but he tried hard.  And we had a run off!  Lance actually won the run off and placed 3rd with a 197.  No OTCH points, but it was our 9th UDX leg!  In 2 weeks we show again so fingers crossed for the title!

Kristen  – ( January 12, 2014 at 6:08 PM )  

I want to bake you a cake. I love hearing about all of your work and all of your successes!

Kathie R  – ( January 12, 2014 at 9:32 PM )  

Congrats on that 9th leg !!! You're almost there : )

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