The Toller did a day of USDAA agility today.  I told myself to relax and not worry about any gift of speed after last weekend's happy and fast runs in the NADAC trial.  Vito hasn't done a ton of trials at this location and it can be harder for him as there's very little warm up space and crowded entrances.

Gamblers was first and I knew that the teeter being the distance obstacle, and from an over 90 degree turn wasn't really going to happen.  But I picked what I though was a nice flowy and fast opening for him.  Going into the ring Vito did only the tiniest Toller Scream and was looking around at all the people behind him.  His run reflected that as while it wasn't a bad run, it didn't have any zip at all to it.  Vito even hopped off the teeter after getting all 4 feet on.  I don't think he has ever refused the teeter before!  I stopped very briefly after that, got him to yell at me, and then continued with our opening.

Standard was next and Vito was in a much better mood.  Tons of screaming at the start.  There was a delay as we walked to the line, but Vito was thrilled to yell at me and do his favorite vault trick.  The run started with decent speed and unfortunately the dogwalk setup was the most demotivating setup ever.  Tunnel wrap to the upside, then a tight turn to the table which was very close.  He looked at the judge starting the table count, but I got him back focused on me and Vito sprinted the rest of the course!  We actually qualified too!

Steeplechase was his last run and Vito continued to be sassy.  To do anything to avoid having to do a rear cross I took a risk and decided to sprint the opening line and try very hard to get a blind cross in after the broad jump.  I was too late and Vito headed straight for the wrong opening of the tunnel, but he loved it!  I continued on like nothing happened and Vito continued to run.  Pulled off a jump after the aframe, but other than that it was a very nice run.  The two sets of weave poles didn't even create Sad Toller.

Muttsandaklutz  – ( January 5, 2014 at 9:49 AM )  

Well, he may have started the trial without a lot of zip, but he definitely picked it up in those other runs didn't he! Loved his weave entrance in the Standard!

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