Heat Wave and Fetch Rules Pt2

The weather gave us a slight break from winter this past weekend as it heated up to 37F!  Heat wave!

We went to explore a park new to us on Sunday and were thrilled to find it mostly deserted and
nice walking paths through the woods.  Tried to get a group shot and laughed as Zumi looked at the other two dogs in their stay and decided to join them.  For a little while at least.

We also played some more fetch this weekend in the yard.  Vito is coming along very nicely with his rules of not going after the toy I throw for Zumi!  Zumi herself still doesn't have any rules about not going after Vito's and it will likely be awhile before I add that in.  Mainly she likes to chase after the group with a toy of her own in her mouth.  It was interesting to see that even between Saturday and Sunday there was a big increase in how much interest she had in what Lance and Vito were doing vs playing mostly on the sidelines.

Trying to steal Vito's if she can grab quick enough.

 Good sit Vito!

What I found most fascinating was watching Zumi and Vito interact after I say all done.  At that point Vito is fairly good about not pestering me to throw the toy, although he does check in frequently to see if that's still the case.  Usually Vito likes to sit down with the toy and chew on it, or if we go on a walk through the fields Vito carries it with him just in case I change my mind and decide to throw it again.  Like most puppies, Zumi found it a perfect opportunity to try and steal Vito's toy and they ended up playing tug.

Knowing Vito he would much rather just have the toy than play so tugging was more of a result of not wanting to drop the toy.  But I also know that if Vito really doesn't want to play than he will in no uncertain terms let the other dog know.  I took video of their interaction, watch and tell me what you think!

- To me, the first 10 seconds are fairly relaxed tugging.  (Vito is the one talking)
- Then Zumi's racing around with her prize is a thousand times more relaxed than previous weeks.  She looks likes to me like she is trying to tease the other dogs versus taking her prize and trying to go off to guard it.  It also helps that Vito isn't obsessively following the toy as he finds the 2nd one.
- Vito is pretty relaxed with his toy at 1:10 and a bit annoyed.
- Zumi manages to grab it at 1:20 and they start tugging again.  Vito still talks, like always.  Zumi starts much more thrashing and growling than she did earlier and it seems to escalate.
- At 2:05 Corgi barks and interrupts them a bit and Vito looks at me for possible reassurance.
- Over by 2:30 when I yell at the corgi and Zumi lets go to look at me
- But then Zumi sweeps into grab it as Vito comes to see if I'll throw it.

So?  At no point was I concerned for either of their safety as I know Vito well and haven't seen any signs for real concern in Zumi.  Doggy behavior just fascinates me!

achieve1dream  – ( January 30, 2015 at 10:15 AM )  

Awww Vito is so cute!! I'm glad they are playing nice. :D

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