New Years USDAA Trial

USDAA season is back for our area!  Vito and I played on Friday and Sunday.  Saturday was supposed to be a day of obedience at the big Land O Lakes trial, but I decided against paying the higher fees for that trial and so took a day off.

Vito had 4 runs on Friday.  Magical Chuck It Launcher seemed to work nicely.
Jumpers was one of his fastest jumpers run.  Just 1 knocked bar.

Standard he crashed through the first 2 bars, but then did a nice job.  For the first time ever in a trial I even did a front cross at the end of the dogwalk!  And then got too excited as I almost forgot I had to do a front followed by a rear to keep him off the jump ahead.  It worked, jsut a bit wide :)

Pairs we got our 5th leg for our masters title.  And the naughty toller was so excited by the wait and baton handoff that he broke his startline!  Vito hasn't done that in awhile, but he's always allowed to in a trial :)  Gamblers I realized as I was explaining the rules to my mother that I walked it wrong!  No back to back contacts, so I had to have a new plan.  New plan worked well until I completely forgot what side I wanted him on when the whistle blew and I did a bonus front cross, followed by a quick un-do of the cross.  The actual gamble went pretty well!  It was 2 simple sends, but the distance was pretty big for Vito and the 2nd send was from a complete stand still.  Sadly, Vito was over time by .17 seconds.  

Saturday we went for a nice walk at a park.

Sunday only 3 runs and we even got to sleep in!  
Snooker was first for one of his fastest and happiest snooker runs ever.  Our 7-6-5 plan earned us a 4th place but just too slow for a super Q.

Standard didn't have quite the speed, but was still a nice run.  I tried to send Vito out to a jump while I sprinted to beat him to the end of a dogwalk for a push out, but Vito saw me running and just came with.  Unfortunately video shows I didn't do much of a send for my defense.  

Pairs was back to complete trial speed.  But happy and clean for a Q.  

achieve1dream  – ( January 5, 2015 at 12:03 PM )  

Sounds great!! Congrats on the fifth leg. :D I love all of the pictures and videos.

How Sam Sees It  – ( January 6, 2015 at 4:47 AM )  

You guys looked great! There seems to be a lot of space between some of the jumps? Does that ever throw you off? Some courses look too short to me too. Haha - I'm still learning!

Monty and Harlow

Laura, Lance, and Vito  – ( January 6, 2015 at 2:46 PM )  

We much prefer the bigger spacing between jumps, even when I'm running the corgi! Spacing varies by organization, with NADAC having the greatest spacing, AKC usually tighter, and USDAA kinda in between. Dogs who are good jumpers should be able to go back and forth between different spacings pretty easily. But I have needed to practice that more with the Corgi as he is not a confident jumper.

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