Zumi 12 Weeks

Little Miss Zumi just turned 12wks old.  Starting to be a real puppy now at that super fun age where everything just kinda clicks.  That being said, we didn't actually do much training these last 2 weeks.

So here's an old video compilation of Zumi 2 weeks ago, but pretty much exactly where we are right now in our training!

She is growing some legs this week.  Best guess is around 13.5in tall right now.

And possibly in a bit of a fear stage, or else just something that still needs to be worked through.  A little Jekyl Hyde going on with confidence, still mainly noises with occasional dogs and people too. Overall recovery is pretty quick.  We have enjoyed going to some parks a few times.  Mostly she sticks close and checks in a lot.

 The Duck really needs to start learning a stay!

Still loves playing with the Corgi!  

achieve1dream  – ( January 2, 2015 at 9:15 PM )  

I love seeing her playing with the boys!!!! I was sitting here thinking the cat is really tolerant too and then the part with him attacking her came on and I giggled. I'm glad everyone is getting along. :D She is so cute! I love how blue her eyes are in that first picture. :)

Riley and Stella  – ( January 3, 2015 at 3:59 PM )  

Awesome video! Your boys are very tolerant of her. Can't wait to follow her growing up.

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