Zumi 16wks

Zumi's 16wks old now!  I continue to fall more in love with her little attitude every day.

Morning routines are still entertaining.  At least for me.  After I feed the dog's breakfast Vito always jumps back on bed to rejoin Daddy while I eat and get ready for work.  Zumi likes to join the bed festivities as well and especially loves the easy opportunity to face hug Daddy.  She's been getting a little better about settling down and curling up, but then can't resist the urge to get another face hug or two in.  For those unfamiliar with a face hug it's pretty much as it sounds- paws wrapping around you face, often while trying to lay on top of said face as well.

Her favorite activity at home remains running in and out of the doggy door.  Especially if Vito goes outside then she sprints out there as fast as possible to jump on him.  Or tries to beat him to it and then turns around so she can pounce on him as he goes through.  Vito's never sure that it's safe to go out!

Making major progress with body handling.  I can finally do settles without one little tantrum and  have successfully done all four feet for a nail trim during a single upside down puppy hold.

Toy play rules are also improving, especially between her and Vito.  Zumi is doing a fairly good job of remaining on her own toy while I'm tugging with her instead of constantly trying to launch onto the one I'm using to tug with Vito.  Less evil faces from Vito.

All legs still.  Legs and awkwardness.
We continued to expand on Zumi's shaped retrieve training!  As expected, once Zumi got the concept of bite=cookie on a toy I was able to start exchanging the item for a variety of different objects of all types of material.  Currently working on being able to bite an object when it's on the ground.  This results in lots of lying down on the object like it's a mat.

The next big goal achieved this week was backing up to a 2o2o position.  Zumi's had pretty good hind leg stretching for a few weeks but just didn't get the concept of backing up until now.

Trying to shape a wave is super cute.  For the most part Zumi understands hold right paw in air.  But we also have experimentation with backing up in a sit while doing so, or well trying to do so.

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