Zumi 13wks

Miss Zumi is one fun little puppy.  Lives up to her name well!  Just turned 13wks old and weighs almost 15lbs.

Toy play with rules is coming along nicely this past week.  We have a drop it.  And she's at least getting the idea of retrieving toys all the way to me.  A little victory lap still wants to be done if I throw the toy away from the toy pile on the floor, but she actually does a fantastic job if I sit away from her other toys and throw a toy INTO the pile!  Zumi looks for the one I threw and then runs back to me nicely!  Still needs work on bringing a toy back to my hand vs just standing with it near me.  Mostly we still play tug way more than fetch to work on that.

Her nickname of Face Hugger continues to hold true.  Great progress in not being a face biter, but Zumi still loves climbing up high and being spastic.  Kinda like this.

In the morning she tries really hard to jump into bed after eating breakfast and hug Daddy's face as he's sleeping.
After a face hug

Food drive is growing lots this last week.  Eats all her meals eagerly and actually switching between food and toys is much harder.  A skill that needs to be re-taught now that she cares for food.
In training I've gone back to some mat training to introduce the concept of a stay.  I figure it's about time she starts one.  Also have done a few lessons on nose targeting a dumbbell but we don't have any teeth on it yet.  And backing up to a 2o2o position and in between my legs was started this week as well.

achieve1dream  – ( January 9, 2015 at 8:38 PM )  

Sounds like great progress!!!! That picture of what her face hugs are like is hilarious. She sounds like a lot of fun. I love the idea of throwing the toy into the toy pile! I never thought of that. That also gets you started on scent discrimination doesn't it?

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