On Saturday before I went to pick up Zumi from her sleepover I took the boys to a CDSP obedience trial.

I entered Lance in 1 round of Utility to see if he could do his signals.  The answer was sadly no :(  Sat on the down signal again and wouldn't even lie down when I gave a 2nd signal.  Verbal needed.  But he seeemed happy and engaged as usual.  The other odd issue Lance had was failure to go on my command for the first glove exercise.  I don't think Lance has ever not gone on the first cue?  Happily sped out and flung the glove on the 2nd verbal.  Since in CDSP you do gloves twice, the judge gave us the same number (3) again so we could practice and Lance had no issue doing it with his usual flare.

So the down signal issue is clearly back.  It's been a couple years and I suppose we're due.  Now trying to figure out how to replicate the issue in practice as of course he nails any challenge, even in new locations.  Trial environments is always his thing.

Vito was entered in 1 round of Open.  And thfor the first time in 4 years of showing I actually entered Vito in the 2nd trial instead of the first!  I don't know why it took me so long to connect the fact that Vito is not a morning dog with the relization that I don't HAVE to enter trial 1!


Vito was sassy :) Even did some light Toller noises when I was practicing his before going into the ring squish!  Had a nice ring entrance with good focus on leash removal and going to the startline.  I do think it helped that our judge was standing far away from the start.

Did 2 sneezes on the heel pattern, but otherwise kept focus and good position!  Even jumped up on me happily after the end and setup quickly for the broad jump.  And then did his best running broad jump in a trial, although with a poor front.  I chose to give his first cookie reward after he was willing to jump up on me before we moved to the drop on recall.  Skipped his front again on the recall like he has been doing recently in trials.

For the retrieves he went out happily and only gave a quick glance at the judge after each pickup.  Go out.  No issue with the mini go out.

Overall very happy with Vito's attitude and engagement!  Still trying to put that awful AKC trial behind us, but now I have 2 happy CDSP trials in the bank!  There are 2 more CDSP opportunities this summer before the next local AKC trial comes around and I have to decide if Vito could handle it again.

achieve1dream  – ( June 17, 2015 at 10:37 AM )  

Way to go Vito!!! I'm not a morning person so I can relate hehe.

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