The Best Weekend Ever

Another outdoor USDAA trial!!!  On a gorgeous weekend with temps starting in the high 40's and warming to the mid 60's!  Vito was a bit put off the xpen setup vs being in the soft crate like usual, but settled into his new routine and did very well.

And Vito was ON!  Right of the bat on Saturday he crushed his speed record in a trial by going 5.4YPS!  Even if it was generousally wheeled Vito's often Sad Toller jumpers runs put him in the mid 4's and Happy Toller just at the 5YPS mark.  I have no idea how fast Vito is in practice, but it felt like top speed for my little boy.  Sadly no video.  Oh and he knock a bar so no Q.

I did create a video montage though of some of his runs on Saturday and his snooker run on Sunday.

The remaining 3 of his runs on Saturday felt just as fast to me and he was SO excited to get in the ring and play!  And Vito got his VERY FIRST SUPER Q in snooker!!!  I never thought he would earn one as while he can often match points we just don't have the speed.  It helped that the dogs who went for the 3x7's just didn't have enough time to make it through the closing and we barely made it through.  I suppose 1 down and 2 more to go if Vito decides he wants to get his championship after all!

No gamblers Q and then a knocked bar in Grand Prix also left us with only the 1 snooker Q on Saturday.

Sunday we got to the trial bright and early to help but Vito didn't run until the 4th game of the day.  He was a bit more tired than Saturday but still was happy and ran fast for Gamblers.  No Q but he did actually do a turn away from me on the gamble!

Snooker was successful and very happy but another one placement short of the Super Q.  He does love that position.

And then Jumpers Vito was suddenly super awake and insanely excited to run!  Knocked the 2nd bar and then oddly turned AWAY from me to take an off course jump.  The Toller almost never takes off courses so he was really feeling spunky!  Continued his speed and knocked another bar but the only sadish moment was Vito turning off the jump on a rear cross.  I try to avoid rears when at all possible because I know he doesn't like them in a trial but I didn't think I could avoid that one.  I pretended he was perfect and just kept on.

Zumi had a great time at the trial as well.  Very relaxed and focused.  We did a bit of walking around and toy play when I wasn't working or running and she didn't pay much attention to the other dogs at all.

So 2 out of 7 and both Q's in Snooker.  But one of my favorite trial weekends with Vito of all time! Next weekend we're off, and then we have one day of UKI at the indoor soccer arena.

Kristen  – ( June 2, 2015 at 11:07 AM )  

Super exciting that he's being more and more happy at trials!

achieve1dream  – ( June 17, 2015 at 10:58 AM )  

That is so awesome!! Having Super Happy Vito makes up for the NQs. Besides the Qs you did get were his hard ones so that makes them even more exciting!! Go Vito!!!!!

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