Zumi just had her first sleepover!  She spent 2 days at a friend's house while I took home a service dog for a few days of evaluation.  Reports were that Zumi did lots of furniture agility and racing around people's heads.

 Also did a little bit of just slightly inappropriate resource guarding with nylabones with the resident dog.  And finally a little bit of screaming in the crate during family dinner time before advice was given to tell her to knock it off, and then she was an angel.  Zumi got to sleep in the teenager's bed and overall had a blast.

Zumi's back now so briefly we got 4 dogs in the house.  Since I did most of Carson's final training he knows me well.  4 trained doggies make for a really nice walk.

Random moving down practice.  Note awesome corgi position before I moved back to take the picture.  Dogs walking on the outer side were a bit naughtier!

Not sure how he managed to steal Zumi's collar.  Labradors!

achieve1dream  – ( June 17, 2015 at 10:33 AM )  

Lol!!!! That is so funny he stole her collar! I'm glad the sleepover went well. That German Shepherd is gorgeous! I love the walking pictures. Lance has the cutest expression looking back at you.

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