Rat life

7 weeks of rat ownership!  So far I'm loving the ease of care compared to owning ferrets.  Both were fairly well litterbox trained but the ferrets were lazier and if they missed, well more cleanup required than just a little pellet!

Of course rats aren't nearly as entertaining as ferrets. They don't run into walls and then become overcome with glee because they did so.  Much more serious souls.  

But unlike ferrets, rats are chewers and need much closer supervision when out.  Current solution is a wall made of plywood.  But it still gives them too much access to cords so I'm awaiting the arrival of  an xpen with tiny bar spacing, and hoping they won't be motivated enough to climb the vertical bars.

Such amazing little climbers.

Little Evee is still adjusting to life with us.  She comes out of her cage easily and doesn't seem too nervous of me.  But unlike Penelope who explores every inch she has access to, Evee limits herself to underneath her cage and behind the nearby tv.  Evee is much more jumpy than Penelope and just under confident right now despite daily interaction and lots of patience.

It also doesn't help that Evee is not as food motivated as Penelope is.  Penelope knows her recall sound extremely well and can't wait to get her reward.  I've started the tiniest bit of training with her to go through a tunnel and jump onto a little box.  She scampers away to eat the first 2-3 pieces and then after that just sprints to hide her catch and sprints back just as fast to earn more!

Zumi is still in love with her little friends and saddened that Penelope doesn't seem to want anything to do with her anymore.  Penelope doesn't really need Zumi as a safety spot to run to when out exploring like she did for the first few weeks.  

Kim  – ( May 31, 2015 at 9:38 AM )  

I adore rats :) I'm loving reading about their activities as much as I love reading about your pups!

achieve1dream  – ( June 17, 2015 at 10:54 AM )  

I'm glad they are doing so well! I bet Evie will gain confidence soon. :-) I never thought about the chewing... I hope the pen works out! Do they make chew toys for rats?? I love reading about your girls. They sound like a lot of fun even if not quite as entertaining as the ferrets were.

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