Zumi 6.5months

In just over a week Zumi will be 7 months old.  Seven months always seems like a big age for me. No longer an uncoordinated little puppy.

Her interest in food is still on the lower end, but not as bad as the re-sudden increase that marked her 6 month birthday.  I can usually get her to work for her food in public if I make the presentation more fun to start with- moving it around and having her chase it.

I can't say that I did all that much training the last few weeks but I'm a sudden surge of motivation again.  Resumed many of her in progress tricks such as hind leg lifts, backward circles, and hugging.

Also have been pretty good about her go out training and Zumi is now pretty eager to run ahead and bop her nose to a solid barrier.  I went back to a bit shorter distances though to work on more strength, but I'm most happy that Zumi seems to understand the concept of going straight-ish versus running to the last spot that was rewarded.  If I move down the wall every 5ft she is fairly good about going to the new correct spot.

Resumed front training.  Not quite sure what method I'm using, more of an introduction to different things.  Luring her for little pivots and side steps.  Her platform.  Chair fronts.

And I recommitted myself to scent article training with Zumi.  This time with a plea to facebook for others to train and shame me if I stop doing it several times a week.

Biggest fun factor is I started running contact training this week!!!  I got my dogwalk recently, something I've been wanting for years.  Zumi's first 3 lessons have just been about running on a flat plank towards a toy.  Basically zero criteria yet other than stay on the board.  I put up some guide sticks to help her but I'm not sure she needs them anymore after the first 2 lessons.  So far her running looks good, but then again I wasn't expecting any difficulty with zero height.
She likes to do a naughty victory lap with her toy before bringing it to me still.

Vito's having fun running over it at a low height.  Actually it's the first time he's actually done real training on a dogwalk in over a year versus just running it in sequences in our weekly class.

Haven't done hardly any other agility training with Zumi since quitting the puppy class.  Occasionally we do some sends and wraps around a wing to chasing me.  Zumi has fairly good commitment and I can continue my forward motion for a 360 wrap pretty well.

achieve1dream  – ( June 15, 2015 at 8:46 PM )  

Congrats on getting the dog walk! They look like they are having fun!

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