Zumi- multiple dog rules

The Duck is 7.5 months now!

Both Zumi and Vito are doing so well with my 2 toy rules and only going on their name.   SO hard for obsessive Vito but he can restrain himself even if I throw Zumi's first.  Zumi still needs a reminder to wait but otherwise she's respecting the rule fairly well.  Still prefers owning her toy rather than coming back for a lot of throws so I let her run after Vito and his toy as long as she doesn't try and grab it from him.

With one toy Zumi's still a little snot and regardless of which toller got to the toy first, Zumi tries to end up with it.  Is capable of being respectful but only with lots of interference on my end with verbal scolding.

With outside training with their dinner a few times a week Zumi is getting the wait on the porch rule fairly well now.  Since inside I pretty much let the dogs do whatever they want as long as they don't interfere, the station waiting outside was a change for her.

I've also recently discovered that the Home Depot near my house allows pet dogs!  While I know most Home Depots around the country do, the ones around here I've always seen with a no pets sign hanging and I've never seen any dogs.  When I took a service dog from work to one recently I was talking to an employee (they're always SO eager whenever I bring a dog in!) and discovered the sign removed and their policy changed.  I still never see any pet dogs, but I've started taking Zumi and Vito a few times recently for some training!  I love that it's a great place to work on obedience training with distractions.  Zumi is doing well at learning to focus and ignore other people.
And maybe a little too eager to show off her skill at interacting with objects.  Whenever I stopped the cart she would immediately jump onto it and made it just a little difficult at when I started to move again.

Vito even did some really nice downs in motion and signals!  Lying down is the first thing to disappear with Vito, or at least he does them really slowly, if he's remotely uncomfortable in a place.

Edit:  This post apparently never published!  Not sure if anyone will see it since I back dated it, but if you do it's clearly old :)

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