Building a New Platform

No more mini van.  Needed more repairs than it was worth so started looking at new options
Ended up with a 2011 Rav4, a 10yr upgrade :)  Have 7 days to decide if I can deal with the less space.
It's quite the change!  But I'm hoping the AWD and higher clearance will be better for winter driving.  Not that the last 2 winters were that bad but I'm sure a real Minnesota winter will appear again at some point.

Nothing fancy installed.  But the cassette tape is traded for an auxiliary port ;)
In order to make use of the cargo space under the floor Adam had a great idea for building a cutout bottom plank to put a new platform on.  Brilliant.

Biggest issue right now is visibility.  Not too bad seeing out the back for driving and changing lanes but right now I don't feel comfortable going in reverse.  Unfortunately a shorter platform couldn't fit in 2 crates underneath and this is already shorter than the minivan's platform was.  

Missing in this pic is a 2nd piece for the bottom.  It had to be 2 pieces to fit snugly on the floor.

Vito helped measure. And ironically enjoyed sitting in the new car most of the day as we worked on the project.  He likes cars that don't move apparently.

We will also see how Vito adapts to another change.  Not that it can really get worse.  I think this blog is overdue on a Vito anxiety situation update.  

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