Vito USDAA Trial

Trial weekend for the toller!  We both managed to be injury free this time :)

Saturday went fantastic!  3 out 3 Q's and the first two runs of gamblers and standard were a super happy toller!  By the 3rd run of snooker he was a little bit slower but not quite Sad Toller.

Actually the standard run really made me proud.  I don't think either of us noticed the bar setter in the corner until after I had already sat him practically in her lap!  That is a huge accomplishment for Vito!!!  And then he broke his startline (allowed in trials!) and since I wasn't yet out of his path to cue a better line he smashed into me and knocked me to the floor.  I got up and played with him a tiny bit before continuing and we even managed to qualify.  Of course it's on video :)  You can put my fall in slow mo if you want!

And just because gamblers is hard for Vito, here's proof of the Toller going far far away from momma and actually doing the gamble at the end!  And proof of me in the opening forgetting what end of the tunnel I was going to send him in after the aframe, then having to wait for him and not being able to properly tell him where I wanted to go after the aframe.  Bonus dogwalk and I look smoother than I felt in scrambling my plan afterwards.

Sunday was harder for Vito.  Sad Toller in jumpers.  And the video makes the tunnel look more in line than it actually was for our off course. I think Vito was the only dog in the entire class to find that tunnel at that point in the course!

Pairs went better and Vito was happy again.
And Grand Prix was at least happier than jumpers was.  Still not moving much but oh well.  Lovely commentator friend understands Vito :)

We get to have one more trial here in a few weeks before local USDAA trials start to become less frequent and they all move outside.

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