Dock Diving Trip #2

Took a drive down on Friday for some more dock diving practice with the tollers!

I was thrilled to see Vito pick up right where we left off.  No hesitation at all from the start about jumping off the dock for his toy!  I have no idea what I'm doing with this sport but I tried to work on Vito's upward jump and getting him to catch, or think he can catch, the disc.
This was his second turn on the dock and I think he almost doubled his starting distance from the first turn.

Zumi remained skeptical of jumping into the water.  She says sliding in where her feet can still touch the bottom is much more sensible!  We basically started from step 1 again and re-built our way back up to where we ended the last visit.

I still have hope that once we finally get there she will be awesome at it.  Unlike Vito, Zumi loves to jump for the sake of jumping.  And she still has a strong toy drive even if it's not so obsessive like Vito's.  Not sure I'll be able to take any more time to drive down to the pool though.  Best bet is trying to find a dock by a lake to jump in this summer even though I know dog's view it easier than jumping into a pool.

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