Easter Trial

I hope everyone is having a great Easter!  I spent the weekend with Vito at a USDAA trial.  Lots of variation in Toller Happiness Levels.  Kept me on my toes!

While I had to get there a bit early to work, Vito was entered until the afternoon.  I thought this would make him happier.
First run in Standard was alright.  Moderate speed.  Knocked the double after the dogwalk (that's always been hard for him) and then oddly enough didn't take a jump straight in line after the teeter.  No turn or anything, just ran past it.

Steeplechase was very happy and pretty fast!  But knocked a bar.
And then Snooker was Sad Toller.  Pitiful run that Vito decided to put us out of our misery early on by not even taking his beloved aframe and instead of pulling into a tunnel underneath.

Gamblers was first and Vito was very happy and nailed the gamble too!  Had to weave at a distance :)

Fancy Standard was built for Vito but he didn't agree.  It felt like the slowest run of all time.  But the video doesn't look that bad so I'll give it a moderate speed level.  Knocked 2 bars but otherwise no off courses.

Fancy Jumpers was not really a Vito course, but Vito again disagreed with me.  He ran clean and even made time!  It's hard for Vito to make time with the tighter course times in the challenger classes!  So a Q and this even got him a biathlon Q when combined with standard!

Jumpers was a bit of a NADAC course with just some weird angles thrown in.  Vito was moderately fast and was clean.  Only 2 more jumpers Qs needed now.

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