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I filled out entries this morning for Zumi's first agility trial!  Not until the end of April so I think it's the earliest I have ever sent in entries for a show.  Usually I don't remember until the last few days.

I'm excited because a UKI trial as her first experience was always my dream and it actually worked out perfectly with her age.  UKI will allow me to do toy runs for her if I need it or if I just want to reinforce listening to me.  Plus it will be a small trial and at a location she has done a handful of fun matches at.  Downside is the flooring my dogs always seem to slip on there but it's the only place UKI Trials are held.

Since spring appears to have arrived early in Minnesota, at least for a little while, I might even have my equipment back out in the yard soon to really start practicing again!  Will have to wait a little bit longer to not jinx the nice weather :)

Kristen  – ( March 9, 2016 at 3:55 PM )  

Yayyyyy Puppy! I'm so excited to hear about it! I won't be there, we're coming up next Weds instead because I'll be driving halfway up already for other things.

I can't wait to see how it goes - I'm really glad we have UKI here now and that my puppy will get that experience when she's old enough/experienced enough in a year!

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