Vito went in for a dental this week.  Was worried about one of his back tooth that looked pretty bad.  Took the whole day off of work so I could sit in a vet's office with him and not leave him alone.  And I love my vet for giving me that option! He was actually really calm waiting in the office area for about an hour before they were ready for his turn and since he was so calm the pre drugs hit him quickly.

I then took off for about an hour and a half before returning and apparently I came back 5 minutes to late.  The vet said Vito was passed out cold and then suddenly went into panic mode.  When I got there Vito sprinted towards me, jumped on me, and then promptly turned into this in less than 30 seconds.

The power of adrenaline! It actually took a couple of hours before Vito was able to walk in a straight line and without falling over when he stopped.  The car ride home was easy :)

And of course the best news was that the tooth looked just fine once the tarter was scrapped off!  Vito can't afford to lose any more teeth!

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