Happy New Year!

Like everyone, I feel that 2008 just flew by. So here is my review of the year, in crappy Christmas letter style!

We got a new ferret, Oppie, after we had to put Bartleby down at Christmas last year. We moved from a tiny duplex in south Minneapolis to a somewhat bigger, but still tiny duplex in Saint Paul. I was also able to use this move as a push to finally quit Auntie Ruth's (yay!!!!) and start working at the much better Dog Days.

Lance started obedience classes at TCOTC, and was the first dog to start straight into their advanced classes, and one of the youngest! He got his CGC and at the test we made a connection that enabled us to sneak into a foundation agility class while bypassing the year long waiting list! He absolutely loves agility, especially being able to stomp on everything in sight. He also entered his first 3 obedience trials and got 3 q's to get his CD!

Adam got a job coaching young swimmers at my old swim club. He loves it and it got him thinking more about working with kids. He also quit Petsmart for a better job with Omni installing furniture. And got into Hamline University and will start classes in 2009 towards becoming a teacher!

And of course we added Vito to our family :) So our household count is 10- 5 ferrets, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 people. There is no way we are ever going to be able to move with this gang!

I'm not really good at setting goals, but here I go. I would like to work with Lance so he has at least 1 q towards his CDX. I think starting Rally-O would be fun as well! I also want Lance to be ready to compete in agility in 2010. With Vito, I just want to have a ton of fun training him and experimenting with hunt test skills and frisbee. I would like him to have his CGC as well. For myself, I want to continue having the highest percentage of students continuing to intermediate class, get some more privates, and by the end of the year start seriously thinking about moving on to a different training company who does more behavioral work.

Oh, and Luke says hi!

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