Bathroom Stalker

Luke is obsessed with the bathroom. It's kind've scary sometimes; especially when you're done showering and open the curtain to fine someone staring at you.

Or he's hiding in the shower as you take a leak.

And when you go to brush your teeth and this is sitting there waiting for you.

When you find everything knocked to the ground in the morning, this is why

He of course denies it and runs away. Run away, run away!

Really, Luke just loves to curl up the vent in the bathroom. He will sit and stare down the vent for hours. A towel fell on the floor earlier and Luke thought it was fabulous day. Nice and comfy!


In the videos I posted of Vito's training, you may have noticed a little kitty lurking in the background. That's because the door closed in the video is the bathroom. Kitty want in. Ok, and he's there because he wants the food. And when he is denied access to his lovely vent, this is where he is forced to sleep

Until it gets invaded by ferrets, oh no!

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