What a crappy day. First off, I have to wake up at 5:30 to go to work and Adam didn't get the cereal I wanted! I am not a morning person and my brain is definetly not fully functional in the morning. So for there to be no good cereal made me very cranky. Adam failed.

After settling for toast, I head off to work (doggy daycare) and let all the boarding dogs out. I generally leave Vito and Lance in the kitchen while I go about my chores and they chill on the couch while someone else is in there dishing up some doggy breakfasts. Well this morning I get summoned in the middle of letting the dogs out with something about Vito. I go check on him and his eye is bleeding and starting to swell! Apparently the other employee's dog, went after Vito when her back was turned. She assumed it was over some food that may have fallen. Things happen, they're dogs, so I'm not mad or anything.

Vito spent the rest of the morning in daycare with me watching his eye, and right after work we rush him to the vet. It didn't look that deep of a wound, but with an eye I wanted to be sure. Thankfully, the vet did some scans and couldn't see any damage to the cornea or anything else. So Vito was sent home with 2 pills and a cream for his eye. Poor little guy he has quite the shiner!

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