Vito is fast. He had agility class today and wow is he fast. I absolutely love the drive he shows towards the obstacles and how he pulls against his harness when I'm revving him up.

Today we started with the teeter which was set up so both sides landed on a table, preventing it from traveling the full length. Vito ran to the end of the teeter and several times barely skidded to a stop so he didn't fly off the raised end! Vito also did the chute today and loved it. I think that this is his favorite obstacle so far. I was told to reward him more frequently after it so he would keep his head down and not shoot out of it like superman!

We did a couple sequences today as well that Vito did really good at. He had no problem with a jump-tunnel-jump which made me very happy as I didn't think he really knew what to do with the jumps yet. Same thing with chute-tire, Vito flew through the tire like a pro.

However we also did a chute-jump-weave sequence where the "weave" was just an open channel to run though. Vito did not do so great on this, but was extremely cute. We had practiced it a couple times before doing this sequence, but it was always from the other direction so Vito apparently had no clue how to run it from this direction. He did however know that he had to run to the target on the other end so happily ran around the weave channel to pounce on his target with an expectant look. We ended up having an instructor call him from the other end, but Vito still ran around the weaves to her smiling the whole way :) Eventually we got it by putting a couple treats in the channel to encourage Vito to stay in it.

I am very proud of how Vito did in class. He has such confidence and speed that I know Vito is going to be great! But right now he is just snoozing away

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