Lance has his RN!

Lance had his 3rd Rally-O trial today. It was not his best performance. I blame Adam for not buying hotdogs and filming at the entrance!

In reality, Lance was just really distracted. Even warming up with him he was not his usual attentive self. He wasn't that bad during warm up, but wasn't great. In the ring it showed. He did do a really good spiral however! I thought i had his attention back it was so good, but then it left again. I talked to him a lot, but he completely ignored me. On the positive side, he still generally walked with me, just not in a heel, and if I told him to sit he sat, it just wasn't automatic.

But we still qualified and scored a 92. And now Lance has Rally Novice title and is
Lakeway's No Ordinary Rabbit CD RN! Now I just have to decide if I enter Lance in the next level which is done off leash, or enter him in novice again at the next show which isn't till May.

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